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APSEA publishes the biannual APSEA Journal, The Professional, a multidisciplinary Journal for the professional community in the region. The Journal is dedicated to publishing original research articles, opinion pieces, perspectives, reports, and reviews aimed at advancing and advocating for the highest professional standards and ethics in the public interest.

 The Professional’s upcoming issue will focus on the theme of “Professionals: Making a Difference at the Grassroots.” To align with this topic, APSEA is seeking article submissions from writers who possess a strong academic background or extensive industry/research experience within the professional community. We invite articles that are topical, well-researched, insightful, engaging, and thought-provoking. We encourage our contributors to explore the theme and share their experiences and knowledge on how professionals can create meaningful change at the grassroots level.

All article submissions will be thoroughly reviewed and potentially refined by the Editorial Board and independent reviewers before being considered for publication. Authors will be promptly notified about the decision of the Editorial Board. Please note that the Board reserves the right to either accept or reject any article based on its quality, relevance, and adherence to the guidelines and theme of the issue.

Instructions to Authors The length of the article should be between 3000 to 5000 words. However, shorter and more concise articles will also be considered. Articles should be written in English and submitted in an editable word document (.docx). Submissions should conform to academic citation standards. Submissions should include:

  1. Authors names (only on the first page and not in the body of the work)
  2. Declaration of Originality
  3. Statement that the work has not been previously published.
  4. A statement of the author’s consent to the publication of the work by APSEA.

Submission deadline: 30th April 2023 “Article Submission – Professionals: Making a Difference at the Grassroots.”

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