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APSEA Membership Benefits

  1. APSEA boasts a wide membership of Thirty (30) professional societies representing over 50, 000 individual members. Members of APSEA enjoy a wide platform for networking with its members.
  2. APSEA offers a platform for linkages with professionals within Kenya, the region and on an international front as well. APSEA has been admitted as a member of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN), a UK based member led organization that provides an enriched network for professional associations and regulating bodies in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia. This offers APSEA members specialist knowledge-based services and events on subjects such as Continuous Professional Development and Education programmes (CPD/CPE programmes), governance, ethics and standards.
  3. Members have access to technical support on professional matters and to technical tools that altogether provide leading edge knowledge in various fields of professional specialization through our Continuing Professional Education programmes offered by the professional societies of APSEA.
  4. Discounted rates of conference facilities at the Professional Centre that are conducive for business.
  5. APSEA is enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and consequent Legislations; and as such, APSEA members have an opportunity of participation through nominations into Constitutions Commissions and selection panels and involvement in maters of Nation Building.
  6. Membership into the recognized joint forum and umbrella body of Professional Societies that is recognized and consulted by Government as the body of knowledge and expertise in various fields in matters of National importance and matters relating to professionals.
  7. Promoting the interests of the professions and their members in East Africa; Promoting export of professional services and Promotion of regional integration of professional services. e.g. APSEA’s continued involvement in the implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol.
  8. Facilitate the creation and implementation of codes of conduct for our corporate members: through our partnership with the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission.
  9. APSEA Corporate members involved in the National Anti-Corruption Multi- Sectoral Platform “The Kenya Leadership and Integrity Forum” – that enhances the fight against corruption through concerted multi-sectoral efforts in the fight against corruption.
  10. Co-operating and networking with other professional organizations or groups to advance and enhance the cause of professionalism.
  11. Fostering issues of public interest by Supporting Members Associations in advocating, promoting or contesting legislative or other policy proposals and enactments as may be necessary or expedient; Assistance and support during lobbying efforts.

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