The APSEA Committees

The Association is organized into five thematic committees namely:  Professional Integrity and Ethics Committee (PIEC), Professional Development and Education Committee (PDEC), Professional Business Development Committee (PBDC) and the Professional Resource Centre Committee (PRCC) and the Public Affairs Committee (PAC). The Convenors are responsible for the operations of the Committees.

Professional Development and Education Committee (PDEC)

The following are the committee objectives:

  • Promoting the highest standards of professionalism among members.
  • Supporting the development of relevant and responsive National education system.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the committee will undertake the following activities:­-

  • Developing guidelines and promoting CPD programmes among members.
  • Organizing CPD programmes for general membership and encouraging member associations to become involved in curriculum development of professional education.
  • Promoting research and development through collaborative arrangement with research institutions.
  • Establishment of a research fund.
  • Publication of an APSEA Newsletter
  • Development and ensuring compliance with the code of ethics
  • Building a positive image of APSEA regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Development of recognition achievement award scheme.
Professional Business Development Committee (PBDC)
Public Affairs Committee (PAC)
Professional Resource Centre Committee (PRCC)
The Professional Integrity And Ethics Committee (PIEC)
Kenya Professional Development Fund (KPDF)