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The APSEA Committees


APSEA strategic plan (2017 - 2021) identifies Committees as crucial organs that will steer the Association to greater heights. Activities of the Association are expected to be committee centered and require tapping into the expertise and knowledge of volunteer members

APSEA has thematically been organized into three committees namely:

  1. Professional Resource Centre Committee (PRCC)
  2. Marketing, Business Development and Capacity Building Committee (MBCC)
  3. Public Affairs, Governance and Legislation Committee (PGLC)

Beyond the above, we also have the Kenya Professionals’ Development Fund (KPDF).

Though membership to these committees is voluntary and do not attract any form of monetary payment for serving in the committees, they afford members greater opportunities to contribute to the national agenda and to advance the interests of professional bodies, as well as provide an interaction platform for professionals from diverse disciplines and growth of the professions under APSEA. Committee meetings are held at least once every two months except when there are urgent matters that require members’ immediate attention.


According to the constitution, APSEA Executive Committee consists of

  1. Chairperson
  2. The First Vice Chairperson
  3. The Second Vice Chairperson
  4. The Honorary Secretary
  5. The Honorary Treasurer
  6. The Assistant Secretary
  7. The Assistant Treasurer

The constitution under article 12 states as below.as quoted


1. The Council may at any time appoint one or more Committees, consisting of such private members as it may consider fit, to advise and assist the Council in the performance of its functions.

2. The Council may at its discretion vary the mandate and membership of such Committees.

3. The Council may at any time discharge the Committees from their functions, but until so discharged, the Committees shall continue in existence notwithstanding changes in the membership of the Council.

4. The convener of a Committee shall hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting of the Association or until he:-

(a) Ceases to be a private member of the Association;

(b) Resigns,

(c) Or is unable to perform the functions of his office.

5. The Council may in its by-laws prescribe the procedures and the conduct of the business of the committees.

Previously, the APSEA Executive has co-opted Committee conveners to sit in Executive meetings for operational and administrative purpose.

The Chairman has the authority to merge the functions of committees and streamline operations as he deems fit. However, it was decided that the members of Executive Committee should not be more than fifteen.


  1. Collaboration with state and non-state actors
  2. Involvement in matters of National Importance
  3. Expansion of APSEA Membership
  4. Legislative Agenda for members


The Executive Committee approved formation of three committees as below: -

Professional Resource Centre Committee (PRCC)


The committee objectives: ­-

  1. Developing and maintaining a professional resource Centre.
  2. Management and maintenance of professional Centre building.
  3. Promoting and maintenance of the internal capacity of the APSEA secretariat.

To achieve the stated objectives, the committee has to undertake the following activities: ­


  1. Providing and enhancing library services
  2. Ensuring the viability of the Professional Centre and in particular revising rents and hire charges and rehabilitation of the Professional Centre.
  3. Ensuring the secretariat is managed by dedicated and qualified personnel.
  4. Creating a modern management information system for APSEA and in particular to install computer-based management information system (MIS).
  5. Regulate and control the whole of the finances and accounts of the Association.
  6. Co-ordinate the financial and accounting methods among all the committees and organs of the Association.
  7. Keeping of proper books of accounts
  8. Preparation of annual financial statements
  9. Co-coordinating budgets from committees
  • Control of expenditure and authorizing payments
  • Review of members subscriptions and reporting to the Council
  • Advising the Council on sources and utilization of funds.
  • Management of the Secretariat including staff.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the APSEA strategic plan
Marketing, Business Development and Capacity Building Committee (MBCC)
Public Affairs, Governance and Legislation Committee (PGLC)

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