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Our Mandate

The mandate of APSEA is to maintain, advance and advocate for the highest professional standards and ethics in the public interest and to promote the interests of the members both regionally and internationally.


The functions of APSEA are as stipulated here below:

  1. To maintain and advance, in the public interest, the highest professional standards in East Africa;
  2. To promote the interests of the professions and their members in East Africa and the rest of the world; 
  3. To represent the interests of its members at the request of such members and as authorized by the Council;
  4. To Co-operate and network with other professional organizations or groups to advance the cause of professionalism.
  5. To foster issues of public interest by advocating, promoting or contesting legislative or other policy proposals and enactments as may be necessary or expedient. 
  6. To co–operate with other similar professional associations or bodies in other regions of Africa and the rest of the world; 
  7. To foster the interest of the public in the professions;
  8. To participate in the legislative process for the benefit of its members; 
  9. To organize and participate in bursary and other schemes for the advancement of professional education; 
  10. To establish, provide and acquire facilities, equipment and other resources  for the benefit of its members; 
  11. To promote the general professional welfare of members of the professions; 
  12. To assist in the development of professional bodies; 
  13. To provide a forum for mediation and conciliation for its members; and 
  14. Generally, to do all other acts necessary in the attainment of its stated objectives.

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