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APSEA Chairman Felix Okatch Message during African Anti-corruption Day

APSEA (Association of Professional Societies in East Africa) takes this opportunity to applaud the African Union (AU) for earmarking 11th July as African Anti-Corruption Day and for dedicating the day to this noble cause.

At APSEA we have recognized that the impact on economic development is impaired by corruption. Corruption impoverish innocent citizens and deprives them of their political, economic and social rights. Those who suffer most as a consequence of corruption are the poor, marginalized and vulnerable individuals in our country.

This situation not withstanding, we have vibrant working committees at APSEA that sensitize the professionals on corruption eradication. In our governance structure.we have a working committee deals with anti-corruption issues in Kenya. In Kenya we have participated in public awareness on corruption matters through policy legislation. We take this opportunity to support this year’s African Anti-corruption theme which is “Fighting Corruption through effective and efficient Judicial System”

APSEA believes that now is the time for you to move from slogan to action. As such more resources need to be allocated for anti-corruption campaigns in Africa. With over 100,000 professionals of diverse disciplines in Kenya, the support in capacity building, technical assistance and financial disbursements can go a long way to help AU anti-corruption processes move from boardroom to the field. We once again thank you very much on this occasion and wish you success

Mr. Felix Okatch.
Chairman, APSEA
For further information: www.apsea.or.ke Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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