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The Association of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA) Calls for Positive Dialogue Between Government and Opposition Leaders

The Association of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA) condemns the destruction of properties, injury and loss of lives that occurred on Wednesday 12th July, 2023 during the protests countrywide. This has exacerbated at every call for demonstration.

Services offered to the public by various professionals were disrupted during the protests and businesses were adversely affected. APSEA is advocating for peace, tranquility and tolerance for the sake of millions of Kenyans even as calls for subsequent demonstrations in the country are being called.

Professionals are calling on His Excellency the President, Dr. William Ruto, Opposition Leader Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga as well as other key stakeholders to engage in positive dialogue in a bid to save our beloved country. APSEA is ready to be part of the talks to save our beloved motherland.

As we accord respect to our constitutionally elected leaders, we also acknowledge the fact that Kenya has made significant political, social and economic strides over the years which have remained our strongest pillars for stability since independence.

However, Kenya like other developing nations, has encountered a myriad of challenges which have led to high poverty rates, social inequality, unprecedented youth unemployment and high cost of living. These Socio-economic challenges have made it very difficult for the ordinary mwananchi to put food on the table.

With this in mind, we call on our leaders, the police and the public at large to the professional code of integrity, respect, self-discipline and tolerance avoiding uncalled for utterances that may cause unnecessary disruption to normal business to law abiding citizens.

APSEA, therefore, appeals to both the government and the opposition’s top hierarchy to engage in constructive dialogue and find a lasting solution that will promote peace, stability and economic development in the country.

The Constitution of Kenya gives every person rights under the bill of rights. Nevertheless as a country we cannot afford any more mass protests, given that previously, Kenyans lost lives, several others were injured and properties were destroyed.

We at APSEA appeal to the Government, and the opposition alike, to work towards uniting the country by addressing issues raised by the citizens with regards to high cost of living, among others.

APSEA appeals to all Kenyans to maintain peace as they go about their normal businesses and not to take the law unto their hands and avoid actions that are illegal such as destroying government installations like the railroads and related infrastructure in order to grow the economy and create employment opportunities and maintain peace which will eventually attract local and foreign investors.


Yours Sincerely

Dr. Nicholas Letting,PhD, EBS, HSC, FFA, FCPA, FCS, FKIM, MIHRM and MIoD

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