The Society of Radiography in Kenya (SORK)

About Us

The Society of Radiography in Kenya (SORK), a nonprofit making organisation is registered by the registrar of societies in Kenya under the Societies Act Cap 108 . It formed in 1962 as a Voluntary Professional Welfare Society. It is a professional body that offers oversight to the training and practice of radiography. It caters for the professional interests of all the radiographers practising in Kenya


To be an Independent and Dynamic Radiography Profession


To empower Radiographers in Kenya with professional skills and knowledge, through creation of structures that will effectively be used for professional advancement, career progression and able representation.

Roles and Objectives

SORK has distinct roles which include;

  • Acting as a coordinating umbrella body in education and training, Government (Ministry of Health) and private practice.
  • Making initiatives to the Government as  well as regional and international bodies for the betterment of the radiography profession.
  • Guiding and maintaining standards in the profession.

The success of the roles has attracted certain Objectives that SORK has to focus on, to attain their vision. The objectives are;

  • To advance and maintain the highest professional standards among members through education and research.
  • To promote the interests of and motivate the members of SORK professionally.
  • To organise and carry out education programmes for the members of SORK.
  • To act as a registrar for radiographers within Kenya.
  • To act as a representative body on behalf of SORK members when dealing with any professional body.
  • To create and hold funds which shall be available for furthering the objects of the society whilst at the same time being a charitable organisation.
  • To do all such acts and things as may be expedient for the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.

Activities of SORK

On training:

  • In line with the ISRRT SORK established training guidelines for radiographers.
  • Development of CPD booklets for radiographer in Kenya
  • Development of national CPD guidelines in health sector
  • Key stakeholder in Development of Curriculum for training of radiographer in Kenya at JKUAT and KMTC
  • Conferences, research and developmental activities
  • Hosting of 8 successive international Scientific Conference of radiography practice, training, research and policy development.
  • Hosting 4 successive pan African conference for radiation workers in Africa.
  • In partnership with the ministry of health, and Phillips hosted and provided  administrative and technical support for project worth 20 million in upgrading health sector in Kenya.

Ongoing efforts:

  • Development and advocacy of the Health bill within the health sector
  • Development of EAC common protocol for trade in services for radiographers in East Africa.
  • Partnership with UJ on research, and dissemination f research
  • Founding Association for Africa Radiographers Forum. Headquarters in Kenya.
  •  On practice:       
  • In Consultation with APSEA and EACC, SORK has established code of conduct for radiographers in Kenya
  • In partnership with KAR, Development of AFROSAFE declaration and policy for health workers
  • In Consultation with MOH, and public service commission, SORK established a scheme of service for radiographers in Kenya.
  • Partnership with RPB in enhancing compliance to RPB ACT
  • Landmark Congress Activities
  • Founder Association for : Radiographers Scientific conference ( RASCO) The largest representative conference for Radiographers in Africa.
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