The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)

Established in 1967, the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) is Kenya’s leading Built and Natural Environments professional association, incorporating Architects,Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects,Environmental Design Consultants and Construction Project Managers. As an umbrella Association, AAK brings together professionals in National and County Governments, the Private Sector and Academia. The Association also acts as a link between professionals and stakeholders in the construction industry: Including policy makers, manufacturers, real estate developers, financial institutions, among others.

AAK’s mission statement is:

Promoting Professional Excellence and Integrity in the Built and Natural Environments


The Architectural Association of Kenya exists as a representative Business Membership Organization to, among others:

a) To co-ordinate the activities of professions concerned with built and natural environment in Kenya and promote professional integrity and to direct the members of the Association in all matters of professional practice;

b) To advance the science and art of planning and building by developing the standards of professional education, training and practice, and facilitate matters of mutual interest of the member professions;

c) To create public awareness by marketing the services of member professions and provide professional opinions on the matters pertaining to violation of the statutes provided for good maintenance of the built and natural environment;

d) To establish and accredit Continuing Professional Development programmes for the members of the Association and encourage collaboration of professionals and societies engaged in the built and natural environment;

e) To offer community services by participation in the enhancement of built and natural environment, maintain building information services, and monitor quality controls on materials;

f) To liaise with the Government and regulatory agencies on the matters affecting registration and licensing of the professionals engaged in the built and natural environment;

g) To foster National, Regional and International co-operation in matters dealing with the built and natural environment;

h) To maintain and protect heritage of the built and natural environment;

i) To facilitate research and dissemination of information for the advancement of professional education, training, and practice;

j) To publish documents and publications for the benefit of the members of the Association and the general public in all matters of the built and natural environment;

k) To create revenue generating activities for the Association;



Continuous Professional Development.

The Association is actively involved in organizing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes for the benefit of members.


The Association has been actively involved in advocating for an enabling environment that will support sustainable development of the construction industry in Kenya.


Architectural Association of Kenya has been contracted by the World Bank Group to co-ordinate collection of primary data for the Sub-national Doing Business Study – Dealing with Construction Permits which will form part of the Doing Business in Kenya 2016 Report. The survey is being conducted in 10no. Counties across Kenya.


In February 2015, AAK signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN Habitat to 'facilitate cooperation between the two organizations on matters of mutual interest including training of stakeholders in the Building and Construction Industry in Kenya on energy and resource efficiency measures in the construction, operation and maintenance of Buildings and related Constructions Facilities’.


The Environmental Design Consultants Chapter of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), University of Nairobi and UN-Habitat is developing a green building rating tool for East Africa. It takes into account the provisions of the Laws of Kenya including Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA), the Building Code and other local standards and laws.


AAK is an active participant in international professional organizations and their various programmes.

Validation of Courses in Architecture:

 Through membership at the Commonwealth Association of Architecture, AAK coordinates the Validation of Courses in Architecture Courses at Kenyan schools of Architecture.



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