Kenya Institute of Planners-KIP

THE KENYA INSTITUTE OF PLANNERS (KIP) is a professional body of planners incorporated in 1999. The overall objective of the Institute is to enhance the art and science of sustainable local community, city (urban) and regional planning and development; and to advance the growth of the theory and practice of planning. 

THE ROLE AND FUNCTIONS of the Institute focuses on the Kenyan Society in the Institute’s quest to be a competent player and stakeholder in change and transformation of the society and in supporting market economy in the country. In this regard, the Institute has embarked on innovating better ways of pursuing its goal of championing effective planning of the spatial environment that is efficient with respect to: 

  • Responsible use of physical and ecological resources;
  • Economic development;
  • Promotion of Kenyan cultures; and
  • Sustainable society. 

OUR OBJECTIVES are among others, establishing and maintaining clear ethical standards and moral values within the profession, promoting transparency and accountability in the profession, to clients and society while popularising planning practice, promoting local and international contacts and interactions and collaboration in the development of planning curriculum with training institutions.

IN THE RECENT PAST, the Institute has embarked on strengthening its partnership with other actors including civil society, government and private sector. In this, the Institute aims to play a catalytic role in enhancing socio-political, cultural and economic development that will sustain productivity of natural resources while protecting the environment. 

IN ADDITION, the Institute is actively engaging the Kenyan society in respect of changes that have been brought about by the new Kenya Constitution, 2010. A devolved system of government under the Constitution has introduced new contexts for public policy formulation and implementation.  New institutional and organizational arrangements for local, city/urban, county/regional and national planning and management will also be created. These contexts are of immense interest to planners, other professionals and society at large. 

WITH THIS IN MIND, smooth operation of planning and implementation under new policy, institutional and organizational levels of government within a devolved system of government is of great interest to planners and stakeholders in local, county/regional and national development. An up-coming National Annual Conference on planning under devolved system of government in Kenya where participants will discuss and learn from relevant presentations is therefore timely. 

BEYOND KENYA, the Institute seeks to anchor professional planning to emerging tenets of good practices in Eastern and Central Africa and at the global stage in the coming years.  


Ms. Judith Simuri

Secretariat Administrative Assistant 

Mobile: 0728-315288

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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