The Business Advocacy Fund (BAF) has partnered  with APSEA to facilitate the launch a Professionals Network which will be an independent lobbying platform hosted by APSEA for specific advocacy projects emanating from specific advocacy needs of the APSEA Corporate Members. The Professional Network was formed to enable professionals to lobby on advocacy issues to enhance the business environment. 

The professionals’ network will enable member BMOs to learn from each other support each other’s advocacy and it can in its unity be a more resourceful partner of Government, to prepare better policies, and guide the Government to formulate the legislation under these policies.

Establishment of a Professionals Network
Terms of Reference of the Professionals Network

  1. To share ideas on regulatory reform in the professional sector that affects the business environment;
  2. To share progress among yourselves on advocacy projects on Business issues;
  3. To support each other on the development of Codes of Conduct for the BMOs
  4. To support the formulation of statutes for individual professional BMOs and lobbying for the enactment of the same;
  5. To share experiences / problems encountered with those and develop alternative strategies “to get the advocacy job done”;
  6. To share “intelligence” on future / planned regulation;
  7. To share expertise (media handling; Policy Position Papers writing and “selling”, intelligence on Government’s thinking / strategy / policy / regulation);
  8. To support each other’s advocacy strategies and projects by
  9. Forming a broad coalition where appropriate, and
  10. Forming a joint lobby group -;
  11. To create a forum for specific advocacy projects that require Business Advocacy Fund support;
  12. Consider how to continuously  promote professionalism and integrity.

Membership to the Professionals Network is open to all 33 APSEA’s corporate members. Each institution is required to nominate two representatives that can make decisions.  APSEA’s executive council and Public Affairs Committee are also members of the Professional Network.
Chairman - CS Joe Mwangi Mbuthia - Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya
Vice Chairperson - Ms Winnie Shena - National Nurses of Kenya
BAF can support the network members to work with APSEA to develop their Codes of Conducts and consequently develop their statutes. Members can apply through the following email addresses: or or going through the BAF website and download Concept Note form.  All approved projects would come to the Professional Network for follow up and be put it in the public domain for advocacy success.
ICPSK has engaged with the Presidential Task Force on Parastatal Reform. The Chairperson of ICPSK Ms Catherine Musakali wrote two letters dated 20th and 22nd August 2013 on recommendations on how the State and County Corporations Bill of 2011 could be enhanced. Read the recommendations of ICPSK here
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